Fonts Overview

We have a family of three fonts, each with very specific usages. Together, they come together to form a modern brand while being optimized for ease-of-use/implementation across different vehicles.

You will see these fonts used in communications, materials and assets delivered to you from Dell EMC. For the materials that you create, please continue to use your company’s font.

Replica is the font used across our family of logos and in official marketing assets created by Dell EMC. Its elegance and differentiation can be seen best in large format assets such as event signage and billboards. Replica is available to partners as requested. Reach out to Corporate_Brand_Team@dell.com and identify yourself as a member of the Dell EMC Partner Program.

Examples of assets created in Replica include printed marketing materials such as brochures, videos and physical signage.

Roboto is a free Google font optimized for digital and responsive platforms. It is similar to Replica except it has a simplicity that makes it ideal for small, dense text.

Examples of assets created in Roboto include dynamic website copy, anything created in HTML5, mobile applications and user interfaces.

Exception: Please note that Roboto will not work for responsive/HTML emails. For teams creating email newsletters and other email marketing materials, you should use Arial.

Arial is the font for day-to-day communications, including email, presentations, Word and Excel. It resembles both Replica and Roboto, but because it is a system font, it’s available for everyone to use and view.