Lifestyle Imagery

Dell: Our Day Brand

The Dell brand uses bright, fresh and energetic imagery to relate to our customers with authenticity and humanity.


Images that suggest a dominant mood or emotional tone. These images are not object-specific, but instead contain subjects of curiosity by including blurry lights, window reflections or intense sunsets.


Images that contain a person or object doing something. The pace at which the object is moving – or not – is suggested in the image through blur, silhouettes or light.


Images that are specific to the content in which they sit. Tools of the trade or identifiable objects specific to the industry should be visible. How natural light frames these images is important.

Candid portrait

Images of people from stock sites can often appear staged or forced. As a human brand, we want to show people in genuine situations. Even better, they will be using or benefiting from our products.

Thought leadership

Images that come directly from our events, headquarters or photo shoots. These images should be candid and unposed.

What to avoid doing

When searching for suitable images, it is important to avoid photographs that appear forced, staged or unnatural.

Here are some simple rules to follow:

Do not stare
Do not use images of people that acknowledge the photographer. If the subject is looking at the camera, the image appears set up, which goes against a human, real brand.

No iPads
Do not use images that show non-Dell products. Although this may sound obvious, it is important to double-check that all images showcase Dell products, or absolutely unidentifiable ones.

No clichés
Do not use metaphorical business images. Our customers are intelligent and curious, therefore our images do not need to be commonplace. We want to use images that intrigue, not bore.

No fads
Do not use images that show people in “trendy” clothing. Fashion changes very quickly, and can rapidly make an image look out-of-date. Stay timeless with images of people in classic clothing.

No vacation photos
Do not assume that all images that use sunlight are suitable for Dell. We enjoy photographs with strong natural light, but the image must be sophisticated and stimulating.

No sci-fi
Do not use images with shooting stars, lightsabers or anything that would be at home in a sci-fi film. Dell embraces the fresh and energetic without resorting to metaphor.

Dell Technologies Brands Overview

Our brands share a common visual foundation but also have distinct elements that differentiate them.