Dell Infographics


Our infographic style is refined and modern as it reflects the elements of our brands. Our infographics are data visuals that present complex concepts and data sets while revealing a clear and concise message. 

How to create an infographic

What is the purpose of using this communication method? Does your content or data support it?

Successful infographics shape content and data into a relatable story with a single message.

Collect the most impactful data to support your single message.

Follow the style guide to stay within branding.


Style Guide

1. Do not crowd the layout with narrative copy and detailed illustrations.

2. Storytelling is needed to pull users in, but keep it concise.

3. You can go out of the brand color palette but stay within the brand theme. If using a background image stay within brand. Dell is daylight. Dell EMC is night.

4. Keep illustrations clean and simple.

5. Adopt a balanced “some fill, some stroke-only” approach to any vector graphics, avoiding the urge to overdo gradient fills, etc.

6. Close with clear CTAs that drive deeper engagement and continue the viewers journey.

7. Provide sources and place at the bottom of the infographic.

Example of Dell Branded Infographic

What to avoid