Dell Iconography

Product, UI and Functional Icons

Our iconography style aligns with our personality and echoes the foundational elements of our brands. Our product and UI icons are characterized by simple, flat art with a thin line style that aligns with our logos and fonts. Both Dell and legacy EMC have an approved library of icons that, over time, will be updated to reflect this new style.





Employees can access the icon libraries from our legacy intranets and shared sites.

Dell General Icon Library for Marketing:
(must have a DAM account)

Dell Software/UX Icon Library
PDF preview:

Illustrator files:

Design Principles


Size and Scale


What to avoid doing

Here are some simple rules to follow:

Do not skew or distort

Do not change the color out of brand

Do not add a drop shadow of any sort

Do not increase the stroke

Do not angle

Do not fill the icon with a color