Dell EMC Self-service

For creating assets like collateral documents, emails, and PowerPoint decks, we provide a set of easy-to-use, self-service tools and templates. These tools provide specs like word counts and composition guides to make your work easy and to ensure an on-brand experience.

The self-service collection includes guides and templates for creating widely used marketing tools, such as powerpoint presentations, collateral document templates, email marketing pieces, and email signatures.

PowerPoint presentations

PowerPoint presentations are influential representations of the Dell EMC brand. On Inside EMC, you will find PowerPoint templates for internal and external audiences. The templates include tips and guidance for creating an on-brand presentation.

Collateral Templates

We maintain a library of self-service templates for producing collateral documents, from data sheets to solution overviews. If you have to create a collateral document, start with the appropriate template, as this will help us to maintain the integrity of the Dell EMC brand. Templates include layout and writing specifications.

Email Marketing Pieces

Dell EMC-branded email reaches a wide audience daily. Like all assets, email must represent the Dell EMC brand in a professional and cohesive manner.

Please note: For more information on email list pull, build, and send, please contact the Digital Marketing Team.

Follow these guidelines to maintain consistency:

  • Adhere to approved template specifications as outlined in the Email Standards Guidelines.
  • Create clear, compelling headlines and subject lines.
  • Use striking, color images with squared corners. Refer to our image guidelines.
  • Follow specifications and word counts.
  • Work with database marketing team to ensure proper sending practices are employed.
  • Do not create or hire someone to create new email templates.

Email Signatures (text treatment)

Email signatures should use the Dell EMC Corporate employee font, Arial, and should be structured in the following format in order to present a consistent look and feel for the Dell EMC brand: