Dell EMC Product Photography


Dramatic lighting combining a “dark night” richness with vivid color accents conveys the power and innovation of Dell EMC products. All Dell EMC product photography must focus on the energy and confidence our products bring to customers.


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Core online/marcom shots

  • Elegant, sophisticated, “dark night” (“Batman”) style photography (representing enterprise powerhouse)
  • Shots with physical presence (avoid the abstract, focus on the tangible)
  • Often, a blue glow effect is applied (sometimes subtle, sometimes bold)
  • Some infusion of color, but applied subtly (while anchored more on blacks, grays & blues)
  • Images tend to convey energy, strength & forward movement

Core product shots

  • Bold images of hero products
  • Usually on a dark, textured background
  • Interesting zoom-crops, either of the product itself or of part of the product as a background
  • Often, a blue glow effect is applied to the background or as a halo
  • Avoid showing too many products at once, which makes the scene too busy and cluttered

Business environment shots

  • Authentic photos of real-world people working & collaborating in the workplace
  • Often, the imagery depicts business outcomes driven by our technology
  • Icon overlays that help illustrate the message (or vision) are often incorporated
  • Images with luminance, saturation, human faces, off-screen attention & positive/negative tension
  • Avoid shiny, happy people shots (no one walks around smiling all day)
  • Avoid staged-looking shots (stock imagery style)

Data center shots

  • Authentic photos of real-world people working & collaborating in the data center
  • The subjects appear confident in the technology, not worried about a thing
  • Show ITDMs interacting with the product (deploying new workloads, running performance stats, etc.)
  • Avoid shiny, happy people shots (few geeks walk around the data center whistling Dixie)
  • Avoid staged-looking shots (stock imagery style)

Standard product imagery

  • Standard shots include: front straight on, front straight angled down, front left angled down, front right angled down, back straight on (bezel on/off)
  • Special shots include: motherboard with processors revealed, rear ports close up, sockets/sleds pulled out, drives pulled out, etc.
  • CGI is animated for launch videos, POV vids, etc. (e.g., blinking lights, flying into racks, etc.)


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