Dell EMC PowerPoint Presentations

PowerPoint presentations are influential representations of the Dell EMC brand. On Inside EMC, you will find PowerPoint templates for internal and external audiences. The templates include tips and guidance for creating an on-brand presentation.

PowerPoint presentations

Follow these guidelines to maintain consistency:

  • Choose the appropriate template based on the brand that your organization aligns to (Dell or Dell EMC). Or, in the case of customer-facing/external materials, choose the template based on your audience, event or initiative.
  • Use approved icons and photography.
  • Do not use Google images — most require legal permission.
  • Do not include other company logos without proper permission.
  • Do not crowd slides with excess information or images.

Slide titles:

  • Use Title Case for cover slide titles
  • Slide page titles are Sentence case


Dell writing standards

  • Dell Technologies standard in writing is, Sentence case
  • Dell EMC is written as two words, i.e.; Dell[space]EMC
  • The serial (Oxford) comma style is not used, e.g.; “France, Italy, and Spain” (with the serial comma). “France, Italy and Spain” (without the serial comma)

Color, font and design themes

  • PPT font is Arial
  • Dell uses a “daylight” brand theme.
  • Dell EMC has a “night ” brand theme
  • The color palette is very different from the previous EMC template – colors may shift when importing old slides

Template options, page numbering

and footer standards: (text treatment)

  • There is a choice of covers, dividers and end logo slides
  • The default footer reads: Dell – Internal Use – Confidential. For external facing presentations, this classification should be removed. *If TITUS is not installed on your system (legacy EMC), this will need to be removed manually. Please review instructions here.
  • The only difference between the internal and external presentations, is the page numbering. Internal page numbers say X of Y, for example page 4 of a 25 page presentation would be marked 4 of 25. The “of Y” is removed for external presentations. See page 1 of the template for further instructions.