In addition to the visual identity, there is a second part to the Dell EMC Partner Program brand – a brand personality and voice brought to life through compelling and differentiated storytelling. Our personality and voice complements the visual brand elements to create a brand that distinguishes itself from other programs.

Program Values

Here is a simple statement you can use to describe your partnership with Dell EMC.

“We [or insert your company name] deliver the industry’s most innovative portfolio of solutions from Dell and Dell EMC to support digital transformation, from the edge to the core to the cloud. Laptops, thin clients, workstations, desktops and tablets. Servers, storage, networking. Converged and hyper-converged infrastructure. Cloud. Big Data. Internet of Things. Security to protect it all.”

Your partner status extends your flexibility and choice, giving you access to these solutions and more from across the entire Dell Technologies family of brands.

Together, we can to help your customers become heroes in their own organizations – and with their customers – by providing technology solutions and services that accelerate their digital transformation.

Personality & Voice

The Dell EMC Partner Program personality and voice aligns to the overall Dell EMC brand voice. First-and-foremost, we are focused on customers –yours and ours. When you communicate to them, they should immediately understand the benefits you can provide and how Dell EMC and Dell solutions can uniquely meet their needs, today and in the future.

Use concise, clear and straightforward language that appeals to your customers across borders, languages and cultures. Try to stay away from unnecessary superlatives, industry jargon and clichés.

Communicate in practical terms using optimistic language. Choose words that demonstrate you understand and can help solve customers’ challenges using products and solutions from Dell EMC and Dell.

Try to be as natural, conversational and engaging as you can—this lets your customers know you’re focused on the relationship as much as the sale.

Show how you’re different – use powerful facts, data and real-life storytelling to communicate how your company is the right choice for Dell EMC and Dell solutions.