Dell EMC Logo

The Dell EMC logo brings together a globally-recognized symbol with a brand and company synonymous with innovation and credibility in the data center.

Dell EMC is the logo for infrastructure solutions, including cloud, converged, storage, servers, networking and data/analytics. Sales and marketing teams that support commercial customers, channel partners, mid-market companies, large enterprises and institutions also identify with the Dell EMC brand.

For employees who want specific guidance on when to use the Dell EMC name and logo, please see the FAQ document under the pullup at the bottom of the page.

Our Naming Architecture

Our naming architecture parallels the use of our logos. The Dell EMC name is the business unit name that includes products, solutions and services sold, both directly and through the channel, to business and institutional customers. Use “Dell EMC” when referring to our infrastructure solutions that include servers, storage, networking, converged, cloud and data/analytics.

In reference to data center solutions for business, organizational and institutional customers.

Thank you for your interest in using the Dell or Dell EMC logo. First-and-foremost, we want to protect the intellectual property of our brands. The process to request a logo is simple and will take no more than a few days—as long as the benefit is clearly stated and usage aligns with how our brands should be portrayed.

Please complete the questions below. The Corporate Brand team will review the request, consider the strategic benefit to Dell or Dell EMC, and examine how/where the logo will be used. If the request is approved, the third party will be required to sign a logo license. Once the license is signed, the Dell Legal team will send the logo files to the third party.

This same process should be followed for product photography and all other Dell and Dell EMC copyrighted materials.

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1. What is the name of third party requesting use of the logo, photography or other copyrighted materials?*

2. Please explain the Dell or Dell EMC relationship with the third party.*

3. What is the potential strategic benefit to Dell or Dell EMC?*

4. If requesting the logo for a sponsorship or co-marketing partnership within a third party environment, please provide the costs.*

5. Is the company a member of the Dell or Dell EMC channel or technology partner program? (Note that specific logo guidelines apply to partners within this program.)*

6. Where will the logo be used and for what period of time? Please provide a link to the website or a sample of creative showing how the logo or photography will be used.*

7. What is the deadline for response?*

8. Please provide the name and email address of primary third-party contact where the logo license should be sent.*

9. Please provide the name and email address of the Dell primary contact who owns the relationship with the third party.*

What To Avoid Doing

Here are some simple rules to follow:

Do not manipulate

Do not alter the color out of brand

Do not add a drop shadow of any sort

Do not change the logo combinations

Do not angle

Don’t recreate the logo

Dell Technologies Brands Overview

Our brands share a common visual foundation but also have distinct elements that differentiate them.