Dell EMC Animation

Without a strong message, your animation will be far less effective.
Respect and represent the greater brand guidelines, and reflect their character in your work.
Engage your audience, and entertain them, but always focus on transmitting your story.

Tell a Story.

Introducing animation to your creative work allows you to
transform a static visual to a dynamic conversation with your viewer.
Take the opportunity to think carefully about what you want to say,
and use animation to make more apparent what might
be less than obvious from a static POV.

Study the 12 Principles

While creating off-brand, cartoony or sci-fi content is not
appropriate, you should study and make great use of the
12 Principles of Animation to add finesse and maturity to your work.
Integrating these principles across varying types of deliverables
will greatly add value to the experience that your audience shares,
and help to transmit your message most effectively.

Technical Considerations

You have 30 images/second* to help tell your story, so use those frames wisely. Before beginning any work, define the requirements of your end result. Always obtain technical specifics for your target deliverable, as this can and will change the design approach greatly. Animation has myriads of uses, from UI/UX, to Product Launches, Events, Key Announcements, Media Buys, Broadcast, etc. design with your ultimate destination in mind.

*frame rate varies by theater and can change based on project deliverable.

Dell Technologies Brands Overview

Our brands share a common visual foundation but also have distinct elements that differentiate them.