Cloud Service Provider/Strategic Outsourcer Track

We have created new logos for you to easily identify your relationship to the Dell EMC Partner Program and communicate the value of this partnership to your customers. You will be assigned one of these logos once you have met the required partnership criteria. Partner Designated logos use the primary Program logo as an anchor – while allowing for you to show, Partner Track and Tier credentials to your customers, communicating your business capabilities under the Dell EMC Partner Program.

The primary logo is Dell Black. A white version is available for use with dark backgrounds and a metallic version is available only for limited and approved situations.

Minimum size & clearspace

To ensure legibility, please ensure that your Dell EMC Partner Program logos meet the following size requirements:

  • Print: 0.847” x 0.5”
  • Digital: 52px x 33px
  • Minimum clear space around the logo and between the logo and other elements is defined as the height of the “D” in DELL


Incorrect and Retired Logo Usage

Please be advised that distortions of the Dell EMC Partner logos in this manner are strictly forbidden, as they promote logo inconsistency and dilute the Dell EMC Partner Program brand. In addition, any versions of the old Dell PartnerDirect and EMC Business Partner Program are obsolete assets and should not be used.

Do not manipulate

Do not add a drop shadow of any sort

Do not angle

Do not alter the color

Do not change the logo combinations

Do not recreate the logo

Do not lockup other logos or assets

Do not use any old logos

Do not use any old logos

Dell Technologies Brands Overview

Our brands share a common visual foundation but also have distinct elements that differentiate them.